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Sanjay Dutt's Fitness - How Sanju Lost 26 kgs!

Sanju loses 26 kgs!
Sanjay Dutt has actually lost that much weight, by exercising for four hours every day, and only eating fish

Sanjay Dutt has taken to fitness like a duck takes to water. The actor has lost 26 kgs (yeah, you read that right) for his action-packed thriller Blue, which is being produced by Ashtavinayak. Dutt is currently in the Bahamas shooting for the film, which also stars Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone. Manyata is also with Sanjay in the Bahamas.

A source says, “It was extremely important for Sanjay to lose a lot of weight after he came out of prison where he had developed a double chin and a big paunch.”
So how did Sanju lose that much weight? Hollywood trainer Lawrence, who has flown in from Los Angeles, has been training Sanjay. It is believed that the actor earlier wanted Mark Twight, who trained the cast of the war epic 300, but Mark was busy with other commitments. That's how Lawrence came into the picture.
Our source adds, “Sanjay hits the gym for two hours twice a day. Above all, he is completely off alcohol. It may be recalled that Sanjay was the first actor to focus on fitness. Remember his physique in Subhash Ghai's Khalnayak? He is getting back to his earlier fit self.”
And what about his diet? “Almost 90 per cent of Sanjay's diet comprises fish dishes,” says the source.
When contacted, Sanjay's close friend Dharam Oberoi (CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions) who is with him in the Bahamas confirmed the story. He says, “Yes, Dutt Sir has lost 26 kgs in the past few months. He is looking very lean and fit now. Currently, he is shooting for some very tough underwater scenes.”
Sanjay, Manyata and Dharam Oberoi will return to Mumbai on July 2.
Source: Mumbai Mirror
Dated: 21st June 2008

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