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Neha Dhupia is On a Macrobiotic Diet - Know Her Exercise and Diet Regime


My workouts comprise indoor and outdoor routines with a mixture of cardio and weight training thrice a week. I also play squash and often go for a swim. Both are great forms of cardio that not only make you sweat but also help you disconnect from the woes of the world and help you focus on what you have at hand, thereby improving your ability to concentrate and maximize your output.

Playing a sport or swimming helps maintain the interest level in a workout and adds to the fun element. I also practise yoga, something I’ve been doing for many years. You need to have a balance in your workouts as cardio helps build stamina and yoga helps provide the necessary balance and overall wellbeing.

Neha Dhupia


My curves. But I always use them to my advantage since I don’t believe in size zero.


While I enjoy sweating it out in the gym. I believe my strength lies in my attitude. When I work out I always feel it is mind over body and because of that I’m always able to push myself a little more.


I am currently on a macrobiotic diet which is 80% organic. I don’t eat anything that comes out of a can. I eat freshly cooked vegetables, fresh fruits and consume freshlymade fruit and vegetable juices. I tend to stay away from red meat but I do give in once in a while. I love ghar ka khana because I know it is fresh and without preservatives.

I start my day with a glass of warm water with honey and lemon. For breakfast, I have five almonds and a bowl of fruits. Then follows a mid-afternoon snack of four boiled eggs with brown bread. Lunch usually consists of rice, roti, vegetables, dal and sprouts. My mid-evening snack is green tea and dried figs. Dinner is usually grilled vegetables and salad. My diet is specially constructed according to my blood group.

Ideal celeb body male

Daniel Craig because he is lean, fit, muscular and ripped!

Ideal celeb body female

Scarlett Johansson as she is extremely curvaceous and gorgeous, and Halle Berry as she’s well-toned and super fit.

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