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Here's How Sonakshi Sinha Dropped Her Weight From 90 to 60 kilos

There was a time when the Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha weighed 90 kilos and perhaps the people closest to her never imagined that she would become a star, although destiny dictated otherwise. Here's how Sonakshi dropped all the extra weight to be catapulted to fame with her grand entry to B-Town in Dabangg, opposite Salman Khan.

What few know is the effort it took for her to light up the big screen. A few years ago, at 90 kgs Sonakshi was more than just overweight. While studying fashion designing, however, she realised that she needed to lose at least one-third of her weight, not just to look good but also to feel healthy.

Here's the routine Sonakshi started on in her bid to drop the excess baggage:

- She began visiting the gym twice a day.
- She started on a high protein diet.
- She cut back on her carbohydrate consumption.
- She experienced immense benefits from spinning.
- She included weight training in her regular fitness regime, working at it four to five times a week.

Here's the lowdown on the actress' present routine:

- She takes small meals every three hours to keep her energy levels high.
- She has been performing hot yoga to tone her body -- working on various postures in a steamed room where the temperature is 40 degrees C.
- She loves the company of other individuals during a workout session.
- She shows preference for yoga over aerobics.
- She often takes pleasure in playing tennis.

Sonakshi suggests that one stop eating carbs after six in the evening. She also supports the idea of drinking several cups of green tea daily.

The actress revealed that she did not have to look back after she lost 30 kgs. She got enough guidance and health tips from one of the fittest heroes of the industry, Salman Khan. With her great looks and a perfect body, she is the new darling of Bollywood and India.

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