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Kareena Kapoor's Diet Plan By Dietician Rujuta Divekar For Her Look in Ra.One

Kareena's 3 diets for her new look in Ra.One: Kareena Kapoor followed 3 different diet plans (drawn up by dietician Rujuta Divekar) for her look in Chammak Challo, a Ra.One song she recently shot for.

Reveals Rujuta, "It was a jam-packed schedule. Kareena had left for Las Vegas on a 21-day shoot for Short Term Shaadi. On her return, she had to shoot for Ra.One's Chammak Challo, where she had to fit in to this sexy white dress.

To attain that perfect figure, we had a Mumbai diet charted out on her return to the city, one for her stay in LV another for her 24-hour flight from Mumbai to Las Vegas via London and then back again to Mumbai after the shoot ended. She lost five kilos for the Ra.One song but still ended up loking fit and fabulous."

The dietician, who is used to planning controlled diets for Kareena admits that the different diets were difficult to plan out especially the one in Vegas. "We had two diets in place one for 10 days and one for the nights. It was very tough to find the right food in Vegas as they were shooting outside.

At 4 am she would have milk shakes or milk - food that was light but enough to sustain the cold and feel enthusiastic about working."

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A scene where Bebo had to eat several pancakes topped with maple syrup for a particular scene in STS during the Vegas shoot, had Rujuta worried.

"We managed to see that she ate on time. I wasn't travelling with her but was constantly in touch on the BlackBerry Messenger.

We had made diet plans when she boarded the flight. She told me the breaks she would be taking along the Mumbai-London-Las Vegas route.

There's a chef at the UK lounge, who is a huge fan of Kareena's and when she travels, she asks him to pack dabbas for her. It was quite a tough thing to plan but Kareena managed everything perfectly."

Rujuta adds, "On the Ra.One song shoot, I gave Kareena makhaana (lotus seeds) to eat as they are very nutritious and rich in minerals. She'd eat them roasted in ghee flavoured with pepper and salt. Even Shah Rukh liked it and would eat with her."

Kareena's Las Vegas diet (all vegetarian)
Morning bananas, cereals and milk
Afternoon a slice of cheese
Risotto and rice
Soups like tomato

Flight diet
Daal and rice daal
Lots of water
Walnuts and other dry fruits for Vitamin E as the pressure in plane makes skin look pale and dry

Mumbai diet on the sets of Ra.One
Pulao with raita at night
Makhaana (lotus seed)
Grilled vegetable sandwich
Early dinner of rice and dahi

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