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Mahima's Tips for Fitness Post-Pregnancy!

We caught up with actress Mahima Chaudhary recently and to be sure, the actress is in fab form after having a baby! And if she can do it, so can you! Here, Mahima explains what egged her into post-pregnancy fitness and provides some tips!

"I never had the plan to get back in shape after my pregnancy. I was happy the way I was, until one day I started feeling tired and restless. I then decided to work out a little bit to keep myself fit!

Here's what I did:
~ First off, I didn't attempt anything on my own; I got in touch with a friend who put me onto a full-time personal trainer.
~ I worked out a little bit for half an hour thrice a week. I suggest that this is normal and very helpful, rather than working out rigourously everyday for hours together.
~ I would say that you shouldn't rush into reducing or dieting. Just let it happen, give it time.
~ I stopped eating fried foods, although I was tempted to. New moms generally have the tendency to eat a lot of the wrong things -- I avoided them.
~ I used to sleep a lot, compensating for all the sleepless nights I had before delivery. Good sleep and rest is most important, your body needs to rest.
~ I started working out only four months post-delivery. That, I would say, is the right time, when a mother gains enough strength to start working out.

I then started reducing. When I went for shows or events, people appreciated the way I looked. That motivated me more and kept me going and finally, today I feel good about myself and want to remain fit and in shape!"

Source: Rediff
May 26, 2008

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