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Fitness Trainers Talk About Bipasha Basu's USP and Fitness Routine

Bipasha's USP:

Mickey Mehta Says:
Bipasha is top heavy but the rest of her body is well toned. I cannot tell you which the best part of her body is because the overall package is terrific.

Prashant Says: She has a very good upper body and abs. She is broad and works that to her advantage.

Fitness routine:

Prashant: Bipasha Basu does a combination of cardio and weight training

Mickey: If you want to get a body like Bipasha's, a combination of weight training, treadmill and cycling is the best solution.

What Bipasha Says About Her Fitness:

Actually, I got into fitness because of the film No Entry. Since I play a dancer, I knew that I’d have to bare my midriff. All my fears about showing my belly came up. So, I started working out and soon my mindblock about item numbers was also removed. My gym routine is a priority, and if I have two hours free, I spend half an hour with John and the rest of the time in the gym or in a swimming pool.

Bipasha Basu Has Launched Her Own Fitness DVD 'Fit & Fabulous You'
Fit & Fabulous You is a do-it-yourself DVD devised for a workout which promises to cut fat and tone up muscles. The DVD has 60 minutes of workouts. The first half is for beginners and the second for advanced workouts. The video was shot in Delhi last year and also features interviews and diet tips from Bipasha and fitness expert Deanne Pandey. For More Details Click Here >>

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