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‘I Need to Have Physical Activity Daily’: Shriya Saran


A workout is something that has become essential for my existence! And not just because I’m an actress, but because I need to have some sort of physical activity every day. My workout is not the same everyday. I alternate between cardio thrice a week, a game and swimming. I love swimming and I can never get enough of it. I also practise yoga for 45 minutes, at least. I practise what is known as Isha Yoga and follow it with meditation and Sham Bhavi as well. The one thing I stay away from, is weights. I believe that they simply don’t suit me.


It’s very tough for me to follow a stringent diet when I’m travelling. However, when I’m at home, I begin my day with a glass of orange juice, since I believe it cuts the fats in the body. I follow that with a masala omelette (with only egg white), a dosa or sometimes a paneer paratha. I make sure that I eat every two hours. My mom makes channa cutlets for me, which are delicious, filling and healthy, all at the same time. When I’m travelling, my diet consists of a lot of grilled fish or chicken. Sometimes, I have muesli or a salad as an evening snack.

Dinner at home is whatever my mum fixes, although I avoid carbs at night. My weakness (and comfort food) is dark chocolate and I make sure that the fridge always has some, especially when I’m at home!


Happiness is a habit we need to inculcate in ourselves. It has to be an everyday agenda — we have to work on it. For some people, it really has become a process today. I guess we have to figure out what makes us happy and then work on it. For me, a good read, time with friends, and work make me very happy.


Listening to music, reading, dancing, swimming, yoga or spending a day at the spa pampering myself, relax and refresh me. Recently, I’ve discovered that playing with my nephew is completely rejuvenating!

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