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Shilpa Shetty's Physical Trainer Talks about how She got the ‘European look’ in just 12 Weeks for 'Big Brother'

That heavenly body!
Shilpa Shetty's physical trainer talks about how she got the ‘European look’ in just 12 weeks!When Shilpa Shetty signed the contract for Big Brother show a few months ago, she was worried about the shape of her body. That's when her sister Shamita's trainer Sherin Poojari stepped in. Sherin says, "I was working with Shamita as her personal trainer, and I always thought that Shilpa had an amazing body and she needn't do anything. But when she signed Big Brother, she wanted to get a different look and I thought of giving her a European look." Now Sherin is Shilpa's personal trainer and doesn't work with any other Bollywood celebrity.

Sherin explains the European concept of fitness. "The Indian concept of looking fit is about losing weight, but the European concept is to attain a lean, muscular body," explains Sherin. Shilpa had only 12 weeks in hand to bring about the necessary changes in her body. "It was not an impossible task, but it required a lot of restrictions and dedication," he says. Luckily, Shilpa being a health freak, she would abide by the rules of her trainer religiously. "She would work out in her personal gymnasium for 45 minutes, five days a week. And she would never eat food which was not listed in the diet chart," says Sherin.

There is a misconception that when you are working on your body, one should skip meals. Sherin insisted that Shilpa eats four-course meals, but would follow a diet chart. "For breakfast, she would eat cereals and porridges. For lunch I had suggested her to eat rotis and chicken with lots of water. In the evening, she would grab a sandwich and a glass of fruit juice. She would have only salads for dinner. But the salad would be heavy in protein because she would have chicken and egg whites in it. I also gave her a protein supplement," says Shilpa's trainer.

When she participated in Big Brother everyone praised Shilpa's body and Sherin claims that Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone's trainer called him to compliment him on his work. "I got a call from Rehan Jalali who has trained Sylvester Stallone, he felt that Shilpa has a body," he says.

Generally actresses avoid weight training, and apart from Esha Deol, Bipasha Basu and Koena Mitra none of the Bollywood actresses have muscular body. Now Shilpa joins the gang after Sherin trained her for 12 weeks.

"I think she has the height to carry off muscles. Shilpa was very sincere about working out. The first four weeks she mainly did on cardio and jogging, later I increased the weight training," he says.

Sherin feels that Shilpa should continue to work out. He says, "Post-Big Brother she got extremely busy. I think she needs to maintain her diet and also work out. I am sure Shilpa would love to maintain this look."

Source: Mumbai Mirror [Reported in May 2007]

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