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Adnan Sami's Diet Plan - How Adnan Sami Lost More that 125 Kgs

Adnam Sami cut down on bread, rice, sugar and oil completely.

His diet includes salads, dal without tadka, tandoori fish without oil, popcorn without butter, Lots of sugar-free drinks and no alcohol.

Diet Chart
And for those interested in getting rid of that flab, here is the diet chart that he follows. “I am on salads, no bread, no rice, no oil and no alcohol,” says Adnan.

  • He usually starts the day with a cup of sugarless tea.

  • For lunch, he eats generous helpings of salad tossed with just one table spoon of fat-free dressing.

  • He eats plain dal (no rice, roti) for dinner.

  • "I am allowed to have chicken but I don't feel like having it," Adnan says.

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