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Survival of the Slimmest!

Adnan Sami may have lost 109 kilos, but he insists that losing the last 20 kilos is going to be the toughest

Adnan Sami has received a 'fitting' response for having lost 109 kilos. The singer, however, says that it is still a 'weight and watch' situation for him as the next 20 kilos that will get him to his target weight of 80 kilos will be the toughest to knock off.

"Losing weight is like running a marathon, where running the last lapse is the toughest. You know you are close to victory but you're nearing exhaustion and need to put in that last-ditch effort, no matter what," says Adnan who is drawing support from friends and family in his effort to slim down. "I am able to keep at it only because of the co-operation and support I have received from my family and friends. It's getting very tougher each day but I am heartened by the support I have been receiving."

Adnan was shaken out of his complacence about his weight when his doctor had a word with him last year. "One day, my doctor bluntly told me that he wouldn't be surprised if my parents found me dead in a hotel."

That incident spelt a major turning point in his life. Adnan started his diet programme in July last year (2006) and since then life has been different for him. "Only after losing the first 20 kilos did people notice that I was slimmer. 'Oh, we actually see a dent somewhere" they would say," laughs Adnan. "Now I can experience the simple joys of life like any normal person. Guess what, I can sit crossed-legged now. Earlier I would sleep in a sitting position, now I lie down! I used to love travelling but it soon became a nightmare as I was so petrified of walking at the airports, not fitting into seats…"

Article Dated: April 2007

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