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New mummy on the block, Raveena Tandon-Thadani, is slowly, but surely back to her pre-natal weight - Find out how

Know how Raveen Tandon got back to shape after pregnancy

Bend it like Ravs
The cheez is back to looking rather mast. Raveena Tandon-Thadani has spent the last three years getting pregnant, losing her baby weight, and getting pregnant again. With 26 kgs off in 6 months and only three more to go to reach her ideal weight, Ravs does not subscribe to the size zero craze. She’s a tall (5 feet six inches), big-boned girl of Punjabi heritage. “I have always been a UK Size 8,” she says, “And won’t look good if I got any thinner. I don’t want the starved look.”

Raveena credits her looks to the daily dose of ghee and parathas her mother fed her as a child. And it’s hard to disagree — her skin has always glowed and shows no sign of tiredness that results from caring for a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old.

“Your foundation has to be strong,” she emphasises, “Your body is going to be putting in its best while making a new human being. Because I always ate healthy, I was able to recover from birthing quickly.” She believes those who are extremely thin look “haggard and their skin loses their glow.”

While Hollywood moms such as Jennifer Lopez were up at 4 am to fit in gruelling fitness routines just two weeks after giving birth, Raveena was in no such hurry. “You have to only think about the baby for the first four months,” she says, “Your body is functioning overtime to nurture the child in the most important months of its life. It’s also recovering from a physical trauma. If you start dieting or exercising, you won’t be able to produce adequate milk and you’ll be exhausted.”

Four months after the birth of her second child — Ranbir — Raveena got back on the treadmill.


• Raveena spent small stretches on the treadmill till she went into labour to maintain stamina. Four months later, she stepped back on it, starting with 20 minutes and gradually going to 45-minute stretches with the speed set to 3.5 to 4
• Thrice a week, she works at Karuna Swami’s class at Clay Wellness Spa in Bandra. Karuna does different kind of exercises each time to challenge her body
• Each class lasts for one hour. Since Raveena has the tendency to put on muscle easily, two classes comprise various kinds of cardio exercises while one of them focuses on toning
• For cardio, Karuna mixes up steps, high and low aerobics and Bollywood dancing
• Once a week, toning is taken care of with power yoga, ball yoga (a new and more strenuous form of yoga involving the Swiss ball) and Pilates
• Karuna’s Salsa and Mambo routines involve toning and cardio since “the dance forms are very feminine and energetic and you have to keep your body tensed”
• To lose her caesarean stomach pouch, Raveen does 20 to 25 sets of different ab crunches, totalling to 200 crunches.


• Steamed or grilled food in olive oil
• Brown bread, jowar roti
• Prefers ghee to butter
• Avoids sugar
• Opts for lean meats such as chicken or fish
• During her first pregnancy, she experienced water-retention. So the second time, she cut down her salt intake, so she had less weight to lose
• She gains and loses weight easily. To control it, Raveena has six small meals in a day.


• Places her treadmill in front of the TV and puts on a movie she has been wanting to watch
• Works out with husband Anil or in a group class at Clay for motivation
• Rewards herself with a piece of cake if she reaches her exercise target for the week
• Drank juice throughout her pregnancies, whenever she felt like it
• When her body reaches a plateau, she goes on a refresher diet of milk and bananas for one day only. Her system jumpstarts again
• Buys pants that are one size smaller as motivation.


• In pregnancies post 30 years of age, the body’s BMI goes low and thus it is important that exercise be followed by a strict control on the diet
• In late pregnancies, the diet is more important than sustained exercise for gradual weight-loss
• Do not do any resistance or endurance training during pregnancy.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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