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I Use a Lot of Home-Made Packs to Take Care of My Skin and Hair - Sameera Reddy

I have my eight hours sleep, which is important for good skin. I use a cleansing cream and jell to clean. I avoid make-up when not working. It allows my skin to breathe.

I use a lot of home-made packs to take care of my skin and hair:
Hair Care
I use a pack of yoghurt, amla juice and methi to keep my hair strong and smooth. I oil my hair at least once a month and wash it every two days.I do feel that one should avoid ironing and colouring one’s hair as the hair gets damaged. I use L’oreal hair products
Skin Care
For skin I use La Mer. I go for skin exfoliation once a month and always keep a face wash handy. I believe that you need to feel good about yourself and the radiance will show on your face.

Beauty Tips from Sameera
  • I wash my body with curd and honey as frequently as I can.
  • I apply lip balm to my lips.
  • I use Christian Dyer Mascara to my eyes.
  • I practice Kathak for fitness.
  • I keep my mind clean and free from all tensions.
  • Eating good food, sleeping sufficiently at nights, listening to music are my activities those keep me healthy.
  • I also swim frequently to keep my body in shape.
  • I apply camphor cream after using apricot scrub.
  • I use very less make up when I'm off screen. That's my beauty Regime and the secret of my happy and healthy life".

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