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Sharad Malhotra

What’s your fitness mantra?
Eating healthy food, getting good sleep and positive thinking is my mantra for staying fit.

Do you go to the gym daily?
As my shooting schedule is very tight, there is no time to go to the gym. I jog and do skipping to keep myself fit

What does your exercise regime consist of?
I do more of cardio than weights. I do weights once or twice a week. Besides that I go more for free hand exercises like push ups and pull ups.

Are you a foodie?
Yes, I am big time food lover. Coming from Calcutta there has to be craving for food.

Are you a vegetarian or non- vegetarian?
I am vegetarian only on Tuesdays.

What is your fav cuisine?
I love to eat basic Indian food especially Punjabi, Mexican and Thai.

Which is your favourite dish?
Tandori Chicken and Dal Makhani.

Favourite restaurant?
Mista Bhaji at Four Bungalows and Papa Pancho in Bandra

What do you like to see in your dabba every day?
I don’t get my dabba but order food from hotels like Main Land China. I love to see chicken and dal roti in my dabba

Do you like to cook?
I am not a great cook

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