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Genelia D'Souza Makes it a Point to Eat Every Two Hours So the Need to Snack Doesn't Arise.

Genelia D'Souza, the petite actress from Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, makes it a point to eat every two hours so the need to snack doesn't arise. She likes spicy food and remembers binging on pizzas and burgers during her childhood. Cooking is not her forte though and at best can manage fries and omelettes

Genelia's Food for Thought
I am a non-vegetarian. My favourite is chicken. I eat fish five times a week because I am a Manglorean and fish is our staple diet. I probably have chicken once a week and mutton once in a blue moon. I try to avoid red meat.

Genelia's Diet Routine

I begin my day with:
A glass of warm water. Later, I get really hungry since I don't have any carbohydrates at night. I like to have a proper breakfast, first thing in the morning.

My breakfast:
Two egg whites with a slice of bread. Quite often I have a South Indian breakfast, idli for instance. Half an hour later, I have a cup of coffee.

I keep a gap of half an hour between all my meals. Like for instance, in the morning if I eat an omelette, I have my coffee after half an hour. In the mornings after I have had my glass of water and if I have a very early shoot (5:30 or 6 am) I have only a glass of vegetable juice since I can't eat breakfast so early in the day.

My lunch:
Two rotis, a vegetable, a fish/chicken dish. I follow this every half an hour to 45 minutes diet throughout the day. I am on this high protein diet so I have egg whites throughout the day.
As far as possible, home food. When I am shooting, I try and carry food from home.

My favourite in Manglorean food is: Mom-made delicious baangra fish, fish curry and prawns. My mom is convinced that fish is brain food. We have grown up eating a lot of fish. In vegetables I love Palak. I love mushrooms in gravy, not dry. I need my food to be spicy and tasty. I don't enjoy bland food at all.

Sunday lunch is:
Usually a feast. The varying menu ranges from fish, chicken, rice, roti, salad and meetha. We don't have a sweet tooth, really.

Evening snack
It is not so essential but I like to have a grilled sandwich or poha once in a while.

My dinner:
I avoid carbs but when one is out shooting one has fewer options. In the night, if I am at home, I eat a tandoori chicken. Both non-vegetarian and vegetables are a must in my meal.

Genelia's Fitness Regime:

I am not really a fitness freak. In fact, I hardly work out. I have been an athlete all throughout school and college and that has really helped me stay fit. I eat every half an hour so my metabolic rate is high. But if I have to work out then I might jog and do a few crunches. I don't go for heavy workouts; I have a trainer who comes to my place. I work out for half an hour at the maximum. I love to run and I enjoy jogging.

Some of Genelia's Diet Likes and Dislikes

I am in love with:
Indian food. I enjoy tandoori stuff and kebabs. At home, I even eat biryanis and curries because mom makes everything in minimum oil.

I am not fond of sweets:
But occasionally I eat a gulab jamun or a Toblerone chocolate.

I am very much of a:
Person who likes to dine out. I chill out at Tratorria. Tetsuma is another favourite place. It has really good Japanese food. I am a regular at Taj Lands End. I like Masala Bay a lot.

My favourite cuisine: Indian and Chinese food. I do enjoy Thai food once in a while.

The food on the sets:
For Mere Baap Pehle Aap we shot in Goa and Kerala. In Goa, I enjoyed the food available in the shacks on the beach. I enjoy eating local food when I am in Goa.

While shooting:
For Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Naa we would binge on biscuits every half an hour and that became a joke on the sets. I am a major Cream Cracker freak. I eat them when I am not eating egg whites.

While shooting, I always carry:
Khakras and dry bhel. I keep eating every half an hour so the need to snack doesn't really arise.

My best dining friends are:
Most of my friends are foodies.

I haven't really ventured into:
Cooking as yet. I have baked a chocolate cake once. It turned out rather well. I can manage French fries and an omelette at best.

My favourite cook in the family:
My mom. She is a terrific cook and what's more, makes very healthy food. She presents her food well. It's clean and essentially low cal. She makes excellent baked dishes (which is not low cal) and fish curries.

The fruit or vegetable I resemble:
A cucumber as I am very cool and patient by nature.

Childhood memories comprise:
Binging on pizzas and burgers. Most of the time I would carry dabba to school but would want to eat pizzas.

When I am shooting in the south:
My favourite meal is the Hyderabadi biryani. I forget about the calories when Hyderabadi biryanis comes in front of me.

In foodstuff I dislike: Peas

My fridge always contains:
Cheese. I am a major cheese lover. I like the smoked cheese and I enjoy camel cheese. I enjoy cheese even though some cheese is bitter in taste. I enjoy eating different kinds of cheese.

My favourite beverage is: Diet coke.

My favourite spice is: Cinnamon.

My favourite kitchen appliance is:
Microwave. It's extremely convenient to warm up food at any time.

My comfort food:
I don't look at food as a comforting factor as I follow this 45 minutes eating regime. I am always munching on something.

My idea of a romantic meal: Haven't been on one as yet and so I don't have a clear idea. Maybe a long drive

Genelia's favourite recipe: Red masala fish curry

1 medium sized pomfret, cut into slices½ tsp turmeric powderA few curry leaves1-2 green chilies, chopped1 tsp oilA big tamarind, soaked in little waterChopped coriander leaves2 slit green chilliesSalt to taste

To be ground:
½ coconut, 10 cloves garlic, 1 ½ tsp. cumin seeds, A few pepper corns, 8 Kashmiri chillies, deseeded1-2 cloves, 1 small cinnamon stick.

Clean and wash the fish. Apply turmeric powder and salt. Keep aside for 30 to 40 minutes. Heat oil in a non-stick kadai, add curry leaves and green chillies. When the aroma rises, add the ground masala and a little salt. Sauté lightly. Add water depending on the consistency you need. It should not be too watery or too thick. Boil well on a low flame so that the raw smell goes off. Add the fish pieces and the tamarind water. Cook for a few minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves and slit green chillies. Remove from the gas and cover it for some time, before you serve so that the flavour is retained. Serve hot with steamed rice. During summer, you can use half a raw mango instead of tamarind. It gives a lovely tangy taste.

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