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Sonam Kapoor's Tips On How To Keep That Flab At Bay

Exercise regularly. It helps you stay fit, flexible and improves blood circulation. Do a combination of stretch exercises, along with cardiovascular and some strength training.

Do a lot of deep breathing exercises. Most of us don't breathe right and that causes a lot of health problems.

Don't starve yourself but try and eat as healthy as possible. Avoid red meat and trans fats which are found in cakes and biscuits. Everyone has a tendency to munch on biscuits when they are hungry. Switch to a healthier snack like soya chaklis or peanuts.

Avoid white processed foods like sugar, salt, white bread and white rice.

Supplement your diet with a good amount of proteins like soya, chicken, eggs, fish, paneer and tofu.

Stay well hydrated by consuming lots of water, rgeen tea and a variety of vegetable juices. I read somewhere that green tea washes out the oil in the body.

Never sleep on a full stomach. Have your dinner at least two to three hours prior to your bedtime. Oily and heavy dishes are taboo at night.

Get the necessary right hours of sleep. That helps your body regenerate cells. If your body is rested, it will work better towards staying healthy.

Go for massages when you can. They help relax your stressed muscles. A deep tissue massage can do wonders to refresh and uplift you.

Above all, always feel good about yourself no matter what size you are!

Source: Filmfare July 2008

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