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Rani Mukerjee Sets Up Gym at Home With Help From Her Trainer Satyajit Chaurasia

Gymming at home has become quite the fad with B-Town biggies. Now Rani Mukerji joins the elite list.

Aamir Khan and the actress share the same trainer (Satyajit Chaurasia), recommended to Rani by the actor.

Says Satyajit, "Rani's been working out with me for the last five years. I recently helped set up her own personal gym at her Juhu bungalow.

Though I set up a gym at her Yari road flat too, the Juhu one is better. We started with just the treadmill and now have the ellipticals, exercise bikes, weight benches, pull-up bars, exercise balls, dumb bells and weights stuff suitable for women."

Satya who also set up Aamir's gym at his Bandra residence says that Aamir's space is bigger. "But Rani is very enthusiastic about working out and always keeps track of the latest gym equipment.

We were looking at fitness machines that provide the means for diverse, coordinated resistance training. Rani was very keen on buying one but I advised her against it as it was very expensive.

It would have cost her almost Rs 10 lakh. Instead I substituted it with dumb bells and that's working out fine." Rani's works out at her personal gym for two hours daily and alternates between yoga, combination circuit and weight training, cardio and the ellipticals.

Satya informs, "Rani hasn't lost much in terms of weight but she has toned up a lot. She's small in size so she doesn't need to lose weight but needs to acquire lean muscle."

The actress maintains a balanced diet of 40 per cent carbohydrates, 35 per cent proteins and 15 per cent fat. The trainer informs that she changes her diet every 10 days. "Her current diet includes lots of green vegetables, egg whites, fish, sprouts and karela (bitter gourd) shots."

After Rani, Satya is now helping Saif Ali Khan set up his own personal gym at his ew Bandra residence. Saif is working on a muscular body for his next, Agent Vinod.

Satya says, "Saif has told me that he wants to now build the best body in the film industry today much like Aamir."


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