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‘My Mantra is To Live and Let Live’: Shama Sikander

My workout regime:

I do kickboxing, an hour and a half of weight training and an hour of spinning every alternate day. And if I still have energy left in me, I walk for about half an hour. That constitutes my fitness regime.

My diet:

I prefer eating healthy food and avoid oily stuff and rice. Instead of regular rotis I have multi-grained rotis. My diet comprises a lot of proteins and less carbohydrates. Food with more fibre such as egg whites, chicken and fish form a big part of my diet.

Happiness quotient:

My mantra in life is to live and let live. I believe in giving as much as I can to people. I’m a happy soul and believe in staying happy no matter how tough the going is. I feel blessed to have the love of my family and friends. Being able to do things for them makes me happy.

Idea of relaxation:
I just love going to spas and indulging myself in massages at least once a week. Sleeping is another great way to relax. Listening to soft music helps me unwind after a hard day’s work. Travelling is another passion that always rejuvenates me.

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