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Arjan Bajwa Practices Martial Arts and is a Black Belt in Taekwando

I begin my day with:
A light workout at home and a few minutes of meditation. I try and do a little bit of neck exercises the moment I get out bed. It takes out all the stiffness I may have from sleeping in the wrong posture.

Breakfast is:
A bowl of muesli and fresh juice followed by a cup of tea and some toast. Eggs are mostly a part of my breakfast in boiled or half fried form.

When I am shooting:
I lunch on oil-free food. If there is a nice cafeteria around it's a blessing in disguise. I like to order from Subway.

Dinner is:
Light, salads and soups. If I feel hungry in the night I binge on muesli.

My fitness regimen consists of:
Weight-training and cardio at least four to five days a week. Apart from that I'm into martial arts. I am a black belt in Taekwando.

I hate:
Anything spicy. I like milk products but the smell of certain types of cheese puts me off.

When I am shooting I always carry:
Premixed coffee sachets as I like my coffee mostly dark and strong. Coffee served on the sets is mostly doodh mein coffee. Thankfully there are a lot of cafes around now.

Sunday lunch is mostly:
Sinfully rich parathas or pastas. It is the one day I stuff myself and don't worry about how my face will look the next morning.

In my fridge you'll always find:
Red wine, mint chutney, milk, olives and barbeque sauce. I know some are all sinful but that's why I have them stocked. I like to store nuts and biscuits in the fridge as they remain fresh and crunchy.

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