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Sexy Bruna Abdullah Shares Beauty and Fitness Tips

Do you follow a diet to stay in shape?
I eat healthy. I eat junk food once a week. When you are dieting, stop thinking that you are dieting. The very thought will stop you from dieting. If you decide to diet, then you decide, don't let other people tell you to. Try and work out. If you can't go to the gym, then walk or try cycling. It is very healthy. Eat healthy.
It is very easy but we make it difficult.

How do you maintain your skin and hair?
I think I have to give credit to my dad. He is too good-looking. I have his looks. Apart from that I try to sleep early and wake up early. I recently started visiting the gym. I eat properly: breakfast, lunch and two snacks, so that I don't stuff myself with dinner. I drink a lot of water. I make sure that I remove my make-up as soon as I am home. I wear an eye cream -- doesn't have to be an expensive one -- before I sleep. A little bit of personal care and hygiene is very important. Sometimes when you overdo it, it doesn't work. Keep your mind free because you get pimples and acne because of stress. I am a very hyper person, so I look for things that will keep me calm, like chamomile tea. It also depends on your lifestyle. For example, I don't smoke, so that helps.

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