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How Anushka Sharma Stays Fit

FIRST THING on my mind when I wake up…
My schedule for the day...

I’m always in TWO MINDS about…
Whether to comment or not to.

THIRD-TIME lucky (something I tried thrice)
Touch wood! I have been very lucky with the kind of films I’m doing…

FOURplay (my all-time favourite songs to work out to)
I don’t have any, as the tempo of my workout drives the music I play.

Gimme 5! (My 5 workout essentials)
I do weight training four times a week to tone my body. Eating right and healthy is a very important part of my wellness routine (Check out Anushka's Wholesome Diet). Yoga is a recent addition to my workout, as it rejuvenates my mind, and gives my skin that inner glow. Sufficient rest is also important for the body to recuperate.

6 am (what I’m most likely to be doing at the time)
Sleeping, unless I have work.

7 days a week (I can’t live without!)

8 and 8 (my favourite guilty indulgence)
My mom’s momos and butter chicken. For Anushka's Recipe of Momo Click here >>

On cloud 9 (my favourite ways to de-stress)
I always have such a stressful schedule that I really appreciate the simple, relaxed things in life, like gossiping with my mom while she gives me a nice head massage, or lunching with my girlfriends.

LAST THING I do before tucking in…
Wash my face and a champi with coconut oil.

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