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Akshay's USP and Fitness Secret

Akshay Kumar's Fitness Advice: "Use natural therapies to keep good health. The use of 'Reiki' can also prove to be very helpful."

Akshay's USP:

Akshay isn't all muscles. He has a lean, fit and shapely body. He is tall and his legs are the best part of his body. Well shaped and agile.

Fitness secret:

>> Akshay Kumar plays basketball thrice a week to stay fit.
>>> He also walks and treks to stay fit and keep his stamina up. Akshay is now into the natural way of staying fit and hence these methods.
>> Akshay Kumar, doesn’t like beefing up his muscles. He prefer to stay fit but without cuts. Thus, he stays away from heave weights and does things like playing basketball trice a week and running more than 10 miles a week.
>>> He only works out to improve his stamina, even though he has got a well equipped gym, he believes in natural ways.
>> "There is nothing like maintaining good health", he says. "Over the years, I have tried and experimented with various techniques and routines to keep fit. Right now, my preference is towards natural therapy” says Akshay.

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