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Kareena's Kapoor's USP and Fitness Routine

Kareena's USP:

Mickey Mehta: I think Kareena's overall body is perfect because her whole body looks well-toned and refined.
Prashant: I like Kareena's waistline and legs. She has a slender waist and she has worked extra hard to lose every ounce of flab on her body.

Fitness Routine:

Mickey: Kareena has lost a lot of weight the Yoga way. It is a holistic way to lose weight and achieve a balance of body and mind.
Prashant: Kareena Kapoor owes her fabulous figure to a combination of yoga and gym routines like circuit training and weights.

Yoga Exercise: 1000 Numbers Kapalbharti and 50 Times surya Namaskar

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