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Salman to Pen Fitness Secrets?

Bollywood’s original hunk, Salman Khan is toying with the idea of penning a book on body building. Though in his early forties, Salman remains one of the fittest actors in the industry.

Not that we need testimony, but even Shah Rukh Khan has gone on record to say that Salman was the first to spark off a fitness revolution in India as he first flaunted his rippling muscles and six-pack abs on the silver screen more than a decade ago. It’s no hidden secret that Salman loves to workout and has generously offered fitness tips to many actors including Hrithik Roshan, who requested Salman to train him prior to his celluloid debut in 2000.

So how did the idea strike the hunk? A source informs, “Salman’s colleagues, fans and the media have often quizzed Salman bhai on how he manages to maintain such a fabulously fit physique and so, bhai thought it would be a great idea write his own book on bodybuilding. But nothing has been finalised yet. He’s just toying with the idea,” says the source.

But reports hint that Salman wants to write this book as his first person account on his metamorphosis from his lanky skinny self in Maine Pyar Kiya to his perfect beefed up muscular physique after years of hitting the gym and diet restrictions. “Yes, basically he’s thinking of telling his story. Right from the time he got into body building to attaining those muscles to maintaining it all these years. Right now Salman hasn’t zeroed in on the main topics, but he is reading up bestselling fitness guides written by other well-known authors,” the source adds. The pen really seems to have caught Salman’s fancy, as reportedly, he has also just finished writing the script of his forthcoming film Veer.

Source: Indiatimes Movies

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