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Shahrukh Khan's USP and Fitness Routine


Prashant Sawant: I like Shah Rukh's abs. While I was training him, I realised that he has high endurance levels.
In fact when working out with him, I used to finish his workout in 30 minutes.

[About Prashant Sawant: Did Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's six packs in the movie Om Shanti Om impress you? It was Prashant who made it possible.]

Mickey Mehta about SRK: His upper body is the best part of him. He has developed it perfectly. The sculpted six-pack abs is a superb feat, especially at his age over 38.

Prashant: Shah Rukh does a lot of endurance training, weight lifting, cardio. I had included football and cricket in his workout to keep his flexibilty levels up.

He eats healthy and eats well. He eats a combination of diet food proteins and takes his vitamins on time. He makes sure that he gets his protein in the form of chicken.

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