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Shilpa Shetty's Diet and Fitness Secrets

Shilpa's USP:

Her abs. She is a tall woman and she has a very sexy, shapely body. Her washboard abs are a result of constant care and exercise

Fitness Secret:
Shilpa Shetty does a combination of yoga and gymming. She is athletic and can stretch herself with a good stamina.

Shilpa recently released her highly publicised yoga DVD. She is said to practice yoga everyday to maintain that super slim figure

Fitness Tips from Shilpa:
- If you don't feel comfortable working out at a gym, change venue or you'll never go. Or do what I do and train at home.
- Stretch before and after a workout to prevent muscle strain.
- Cardiovascular exercise keeps you fit, trim and healthy so my workouts involve light runs on the treadmill.
- Lift light dumb-bells to tone your arms without bulking up - I use heavier weights on my legs for definition.
- work out at least three times a week.
- Fitness Routine & Exercise: I do meditate regularly and practice yoga everyday. I love doing squats. I’ve always felt my legs are too skinny, so I concentrate more on my lower body.

Contrary to popular belief, Shilpa Shetty does not diet. “I’ve never done anything silly like the cabbage soup diet. Instead, just eat good, natural foods in sensible portions,” she says. I drink around 10 glasses of hot water during the day to cleanse my system, keep my skin clear and feel full. So, what’s her secret formula for keeping the weight off? “Never snack - eating between meals just increases your calorie intake. Remember tea is always better than sugary, fizzy drinks,” says the 32-year-old actress. “And don’t eat after 8pm. I always eat at least three hours before I go to bed so my body has the chance to work off the calories,” she adds.

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