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Ajay Devgan Working Towards 6 Pack Abs

Ajay Devgan is quietly working on building six-pack abs with trainer Shereveer. Trainer Shereveer Vakil who started out with Anil Kapoor in Pukar is now training Ajay Devgan (whose next release is Halla Bol ) and a host of other celebrities.

Says Shereveer, "I have been training Ajay since the last few months. I accompanied him on the shoots too. Ajay's body has shaped out very well and his strength and stamina level has shot up. I am a hard taskmaster but sometimes when I see him pushing himself too much I tell him to stop."


Ajay's workout schedule consists of an hour and 15 minutes of pure weight training which is followed y by cardio.

"In the one hour of weight training we don't take rest. Ajay does his cardio by himself. I train him and we work out together every day. I want him to look like John Travolta or Kurt Russel," adds the trainer.

So is Devgan also trying for six-pack abs? Shereveer says, "Yes, even Ajay is working towards that but we are not hurrying up for it. Anybody can get six-pack abs by not eating, doing lots of cardio and other things. It's not a big deal."

The trainer elaborates, "Ajay feels it's more important to get a complete physical shape, good arms, chest, shoulders and then six-pack abs. There is no point in getting six-pack abs where your face looks bad.

One can get it in 60 days if you just control your fat intake and do cardio, but then you lose your muscle tone, your energy level dips and your strength gets lowered. I am working on Ajay getting a solid muscular lean look where the whole is better than just some parts. This way he has training power, agility and endurance and a hot body!"


Shereveer says Ajay is a strict disciplinarian when it comes to food. “If Ajay is given a diet he will follow it to the T. His meal plan is very healthy and is changed on a weekly basis.”

The trainer elaborates on the diet. “The meal is low on carbs in the evening and night and we load up on carbs after every workout. Once in a week Ajay gets gets to eat what he wants like Coca Cola and French fries. He loves food but he's not a big eater.”

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