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Amisha Patel's Beauty and Fitness Fundas

An absolute make-up must-have

A baby pink lip gloss.

My favourite beauty treatment

My best feature and how I highlight it
My eyes! I use colourless or black mascara (according to the occasion) kohl on the inner eyes to accentuate them.

My worst feature and how I camouflage it
My ears! I am constantly trying to hide them by leaving my hair open.

Make-up by day
Colourless mascara, pink blush and lip gloss. But if I’m in no mood for make-up, I’ll leave my face clean, with just a bit of Clarins moisturiser.

Make-up at night
I prefer deeper colours at night. I play around my eyes with kohl and black mascara, a little bit ofbronzer, and go for a darker nail colour.

My skin loves
Lots of water and the hands of my facial lady!

A make-up blooper and how I coped with it:
In one of my films, I used a dark lip liner around a lighter shade of lipstick; it was a trend then.I shot a couple of scenes and when I saw the rushes, I realised that it looked like burnt lips filled up with colour! I learned that the hard way!

Beauty rituals:
Cleansing! I use a facewash frequently and remove all traces of make-up before I unwind.

10 minutes to go on a special date, your style funda would be:
I’d use a face mask that is a quick fix (it works as an instant rejuvenator) a shower, a bit of moisturiser, lip gloss and I’d be ready to go!

Fitness mantra:
I hit the gym for an hour every day when I am not shooting. I drink lots of coconut water. I try to be active throughout; even if I am at home, I do my own stuff like cleaning my room,wardrobe and so on.

Tress fix
I frequently deep condition my hair, as it dries up because of all the styling products. I love the Kerastase range.

One tip that has never let me down:
Keeping my skin clean. There’s nothing as attractive as a clean and pretty make-up-free face!Ageing gracefully/going under the knife:Ageing gracefully, for sure!

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