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Deepika Padukone Diet and Fitness Regime


I think working towards maintaining a healthy body should be a priority for everyone. I try and work out as often as possible; since I am regularly traveling, it becomes difficult to have a daily work out routine but whenever I hit the gym I do cardio and light weights. I have an athletic body, thanks to my years dedicated to badminton but I do concentrate on butt regions.

I go to the gym whenever I can. Now I have joined the Sykes gym in Andheri and I do make it a point when I am travelling to work out in the hotel gym.

Trainer: In Bangalore I did have a trainer and here at the gym too there are trainers who guide you but otherwise I don’t work with a trainer.

Yoga: I have just started yoga. I do it in the evenings. I go to a Yoga school nearby.

Sports: until two years back I played basketball and even some baseball for the state. I am a sporty person but get less time now.

I was fitter when I was younger. When I played badminton I used to get up early and run for 40 minutes and do heavy weight training. I was fitter when I played. But it helps me now in terms of flexibility.

Dance has been another defining influence for Deepika

Jazz, Bharat Natyam (“in my modelling days, this dance training gave me grace and poise; today, it helps to keep me fit”), Kathak; the lissome lass firmly believes in the positive impact of extra-curricular activities. “I think it's very important for all kids to learn some form of sport, dance and music.”

If a person is looking at losing weight, just diet or just exercise won’t help you have to combine the two. I combine cardio with weight training. If I can’t go to the gym walk twice a day half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening.

For me fitness is not about being skinny or slim. It’s about being healthy from inside also. I think one should combine exercising along with eating the right kind of food-healthy wholesome food.


During shoots I eat regular ghar ka khana (home made food) with dal, roti, sabzi, raita, salad and some non vegetarian. But if it’s studio food then I stick to idlis and very light food.

Breakfast - I can’t do without breakfast. I have a huge breakfast - sometimes we have non vegetarian - sometimes upma, idlis, dosa, parathas - whatever it is I eat a lot of it.

Lunch - I have two rotis and some vegetable, some dal, rice and salad so that makes it a balanced diet and it covers everything.

Dinner - I avoid rice and non vegetarian at night.

I Binge on Thai food and chocolate desserts.


Please combine exercise and diet. Just one does not help you to either lose weight or remain healthy. Think healthy and have a positive mind set.

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