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Sameera Reddy's Fitness Mantra

Fitness mantra
Fitness is something which tops my priority list. Since I am in front of the camera, I can’t ever afford to ignore my body. I make it a point to exercise everyday. Moreover, since I have to travel a lot, I need to take care of my health.

Exercise regimen
I am heavily into power yoga. I religiously do it everyday for an hour.
Swimming is another great form of work out which exercises the entire body. I rejuvenate by swimming. I come alive after 45mins of free style swimming.
Basically I go to Gym, jog at the Joggers Park and swim at least for 45mins.

I work out daily at least for an hour. Leena Mogre, my fitness trainer, knows that I get bored of a routine workout very easily. So I do power yoga, swim and weight train thrice a week. I ensure that I keep myself active all the time without overtaxing my body though.

Fitness Tips
Since I know how I felt when I was plump, I would suggest that one should not try drastic measure to loose weight.There’s a right and sensible way; a long-term way that will keep you fit. Being skinny is not beautiful or healthy. It can only give you acidity and long-term health problems. You can combine healthy eating, with good exercise and healthy living and thus have a very good figure without destroying your body for the sake looking slim.

Sameera Reddy's Fab Body Secrets:
"I'm addicted to fitness," says dusky beauty Sameera Reddy. "The days I don't do some kind of exercise, I don't sleep well, I feel depressed and generally, I'm in a bad mood.

"Her favourite sweat-it-out modes? Swimming and dancing!

However Sameera is quick to explain what fitness really means to her. "I exercise to feel good and healthy not just to have a slim body," she clears.

To avoid monotony and boredom, Sameera changes her exercise regime frequently."

I start my day with 20 minutes of yoga where I do stretching exercises that make the body supple. This is followed either by my Kathak riyaz or working out at the gym in the evening where I do circuit training or simply an hour of swimming."

Sameera Reddy loves swimming and dancing as means to stay fit. So if you were wondering if that lithe body swiftly lapping through the pool in Musafir was a body double, you now know the truth.Careful with her diet, Sameera skips aerated drinks, has lots of fruits, a healthy vegetarian lunch and a high protein dinner between 8-9 pm."

"Sameera believes there is a definite co-relation between the mind and body."

Honestly, they both balance each other. A good work-out makes me feel positive and stronger in mind.

In turn, this helps you cope with the pressures of day-to-day living." Prone to stress frequently, her best stress-buster is cross training or swimming.

I don’t have gym memberships all over the country. I usually just walk in and ask the manager if they will allow me to use their facilities for the day. They always do and no one has ever allowed me to pay anything. Still, I always pay the trainers at the gym if they help me with my workout.

Importance of fitness
Health and fitness are things which one can’t ever afford to ignore. To sum up, stay fit and stay happy.

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