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‘Healthy Food and Daily Workout Keep Me Happy’ - Neha Dhupia

My workout regimen:

I am health conscious and workout with a personal trainer. My Fitness Secrets include yoga and a visit to the gym for spinning exercises. It is rarely that I skip my fitness Routine. The day I miss out on these, I make sure I go for a swim. Nowadays, due to rains, my swimming has gone for a toss. I have learnt from Akshay Kumar and believe that if you don’t set aside at least one hour in a day for your health regimen, you don’t love yourself enough.

My daily diet:
My dietician, Pooja Makhija, takes proper care of it. My Diet chart keeps changing in accordance with where I am shooting. When I am travelling, it is in keeping with the outdoor agenda otherwise it is mostly the nongreasy, home-made food I indulge in. Basically it is a well balanced diet with greens, nuts and fruits that keeps me fit and healthy.

My happiness quotient:
Healthy food and daily workout keep me happy and energetic. On the work front, I do not like to burn out, so I take the much-needed break.

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