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I weight-train four days a week and concentrate on one body part every day - Neil Nitin Mukesh

My workout regime:
I am extremely health-conscious and very regular when it comes to my workouts. My aim is not to acquire six-pack abs though. I just Exercise to stay fit. I weight-train four days a week and alternate them with cardio exercises like jogging or spinning. Skipping also is fab and I do it often. My workout lasts for anything from one to one-and-ahalf hour. I like to concentrate on one body part every day.

My daily diet:
I’m not too diet-conscious, but I like only homemade food and am somewhat fussy about it. In fact, even for my outdoor shoots, I have a cook around, so I don’t miss my ghar ka khaana. Boiled chicken is one of my favourites. Since I workout, my protein intake is quite high. But I do go easy on carbs. I do binge on chocolates. I have a sweet tooth and I can finish huge bars at one go. So, they definitely are my weakness.

My happiness quotient:
The fact that I’m working keeps me happy. Just being on the sets gets me all charged up. That’s when I’m the happiest. That apart, simple things in life also make me happy. Spending time with family amidst hectic schedules always brings a smile to my face. I am not a party animal, but prefer lazing around with my friends. Catching up with them makes me happy. Also a good workout never fails and definitely adds to my happiness quotient. I am quite a positive person and it’s not a tough job to make me happy. So, I never really have to strive to be happy. Thank God!

My idea of relaxation:
Staying in bed. Watching movies. Chilling out with friends. Going for a long drive. Just doing what I like to do relaxes me. I love swimming and that also relaxes me immensely. Spending some quiet time alone with just myself for company always works. But even having a lovely dinner with my family is a great way to unwind after a hectic day.

Source: Times of India

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