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Actress Chitrangada Singh Can Eat Anything

I am: A non-vegetarian. I love mutton biryani and malai tikka. In seafood, I only like prawns.

My Diet Regime:

I begin my day:
With 10 to 12 almonds soaked overnight with a glass of fruit juice.

My breakfast is:
Two boiled eggs or an omelette sandwich with cold coffee.

My lunch is:
When I am shooting, I eat unit food. I tell them for sada dal without oil. I have it with roti and curd. I love curd.

In the evenings:
I munch on a fruit or digestive biscuits and drink cold coffee.

My dinner:
Is light. A bowl of soup, fish or grilled chicken or a bowl of dal.

I am fond of desserts: I like rasgullas, they are light.

I am a North Indian:
And like sarson ka saag and makai di roti. I have just acquired a taste for it because in my growing years, I hated it as I found it kadwa. I am also fond of lassi.

My Fitness Regimen:
I work out four times a week. I play golf and swim at times. At the gym, I cycle for half an hour and then do weights and free hand exercises.

Other Food Favourites:

My favourite restaurants:
Thai Ban in Mumbai. In Delhi, I like Bukhara and Baan Thai. In Singapore, the ambience at Esmirada is lovely. In Paris, little restaurants run by families, leave you with a warm feeling.

My favourite dining friends:
Chitra, my brother's wife. Otherwise, it's my husband and my family.

I can cook:
Excellent pastas and salads.

My favourite cook in the family is:
My mom. She makes lovely palak and dal.

One thing I can't resist buying: Fruits.

My childhood memory of food:
My mom would make awesome nankhatais. When she did, the whole house would be filled with its aroma.

My fridge always has:
Milk, curd and meetha. In sweets, there should be chocolates and patisa.

My idea of a romantic meal:
Would be on a yacht on the Nile. A beautiful sunset, perfect wine, nice weather would be good. The meal should have no garlic, onions and fish.

Chitrangada's favourite recipe: Spaghetti Arrabiata

1 packet spaghetti
2 tbsp garlic paste
6 big tomatoes
10-15 basil leaves
2 to 3 tbsp olive oil
100 gms fresh cream
1 bunch spring onions (finely chopped)
Salt to taste
Tabasco sauce
oregano and paprika, as per taste

Boil spaghetti till al dente. Boil tomatoes till the skin starts peeling. Cool and remove the skin. Finely chop them. Lightly heat oil in a pan. Add garlic and sauté till soft. Add the tomatoes. When they are half cooked, add spring onions. Cook on a low flame till thick. Stir at regular intervals. Add salt. Mix well. Tear basil leaves and add to the sauce. Mix well. Remove from gas. Add cream. Add the spaghetti, tabasco sauce, oregano and paprika. Mix well. Serve hot with garlic bread.

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