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I Do Cardio, Martial Arts and Running: Esha Koppikar

My workout regime:

I don’t follow a particular workout regime. I keep changing my workouts to let my body get used to all types of regimes. I do cardio, martial arts and running. I even do yoga, which includes functional training. I do a lot of power training as well. I believe in leading a healthy lifestyle in all spheres of life. I don’t believe in size zero. I work out within the proportions of my body frame. For me losing inches is more suryanamaskars. I do functional training for important than weight loss. Fitness taekwondo to strengthen all my muscles involved in martial arts. Strength, speed and power are all achieved through should be achieved naturally and not through artificial methods. Fitness to me is all about creating an aesthetically pleasing physique in a healthy manner.

My daily diet:

When I wake up I drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey. Then I eat a bowl of fruits. I eat every two hours and in small quantities. I love sweets, especially pastries. I binge on a Sunday. I eat fish and vegetables for lunch. I am a fishiterian as I prefer fish and try to avoid meat as much as possible. I snack on cucumber or tomato slices. My dinner includes salads and fish.

My happiness quotient:

My family is my greatest support system. I don’t feel depressed about anything. I also have a great partner (Timmy Narang) who is just a call away. Besides, I have great friends as well. Sometimes they come over and then we go for a movie. Even working out at that time peps me up.

My idea of relaxation:

Gorging on delicious foods that I like rejuvenates and relaxes me. I would probably grab a nice pastry or go shopping or attend a yoga class to make myself feel good. It all depends on my mood. I could even chat with my friends.

- As told to GLACXY FERRAO

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