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Adhyayan Suman Works Out Five Days a Week and Maintains His Weight at 74 Kgs

Adhyayan says working out made him lose 60 kgs! The once-chubby actor works out five days a week and maintains his weight at 74 kgs, "It is very important to look good, especially in my profession, and if you ain't fit, you have no business being an actor."

Adhyayan's thought for food

I am a non-vegetarian Completely. I hate vegetarian food. If I have an option I always choose non-vegetarian fare.

In vegetarian food, I like:
Simple dal, paneer, aloo, rice and bhindi.

I am not exactly an early riser:
But I get up early when I am working. When I am sitting at home doing nothing I would rather wake up pretty late.

The first thing I have in the morning:
Green juice, it's a vegetable juice. Later, I have an apple or a boiled egg for breakfast.

My fitness regime:
I work out at my friend Craig's house 5 days a week. I do weight training for an hour and a half. I come back home and do 40 minutes of cardio. I drink a protein shake after that because after exercise your body absorbs everything.

My lunch is usually:
Dal or chicken and fat-free yogurt. I really need my proteins for lunch so chicken is a must have. When I shoot I don't usually carry my dabba. I call for roasted or grilled chicken. I don't eat unit food because it's too oily.

Throughout the day I sip:
Water. I drink 5-6 litres of water every day.

In the evening I eat:
A brown bread chicken sandwich.

Dinner is:
Two rotis and dal. I either eat pomfret or chicken. The last thing I have at night is my dinner.

I am allergic to:

I hate:

My childhood memories comprise:
Butter chicken. I have been living on butter chicken that's why I put on so much weight.

I always carry:
Buttermilk, Red Bull and green tea to a shoot.

In my fridge you will always find:
Chocolates: Toblerone and Kit Kat. I love chocolates.

Sunday lunch can be:
Anything from butter chicken to mutton biryani to butter naan. In the night I like to go to my favourite restaurant, Spices where I eat red Thai curry and White rice. I eat chocolate pastry for dessert.

In my family My dad cooks really good chicken but he doesn't get the time.

One dish I am an expert in making:
Nothing. I would rather sit back and enjoy the food. I make tea and omelettes.

My best dining friend is:
Karan, we love food. My friends are annoyed with me because for the past few years I have been going to only Spices. I don't know what's wrong with me, when I am addicted to something I only go for that.

My comfort food is:
Khichdi with vegetables.

In food stuff I can't resist:
I can't resist buying: Pastries. When I go to New York there are these different kinds of pastries and I have to buy them.

I feel guilty about eating:
Butter chicken, two butter naans and mutton biryani. The moment I eat it I feel I have put on 3 kgs.

My hometown in Patna:
From Patna I love yellow dal and aloo ki bhujiya and chawal.

My idea of a romantic meal:
I don't mind sitting at home and having a candlelight dinner. Meal is a meal, you add the romance. I would like Indian food.

My favourite restaurants:
In Bombay, there is Spices, Urban Tadka, Saffron, Banana Leaf and Bukhara. In Delhi, I recommend Moti Mahal and Royal China.

My favourite cuisines:
Indian and Chinese.

My favourite spice:

My favourite cooking appliance:

My favourite beverage:

My favourite poison:

My favourite fruits:
Mango and orange.

I am a diehard dessert person:
My favourites are chocolate pastries and Toblerones. In Indian sweets I like gulab jamun and ras malai. I adore jalebis.

On the sets of Raaz:
The food was very good. We had brown bread sandwiches, tandoori chicken and yellow dal for lunch.

Adhyayan's favourite recipe:
Grilled sandwich

6 slices of brown bread
3 cheese slices
2 chicken breasts (cleaned and washed)
3 tbsp mayonnaise
3 eggs

Take a bread slice and place a cheese slice on it. Boil the chicken till tender, shred and sprinkle salt on it. Add mayonnaise to the shredded chicken and mix well. Spread this mixture on the cheese slice. Place a fried egg on it. Place another slice of bread on it and grill. Repeat with the remaining bread slices.

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