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Anushka Sharma Talks About Her No-Frills, Wholesome Diet

Coffee? Not with Anushka!
She says no to chocolates and coffee but yes to nariyal paani (Tender coconut water) .

Anushka's thought for food

I am a non-vegetarian but:
I prefer eating vegetarian food and like only certain dishes in non-vegetarian. In vegetarian food, I like eating parathas and veggies.

I get up early only when:
I have to report for work. Otherwise, I sleep till late.

The first thing I have:
Is a glass of water followed by a cup of tea.

Breakfast comprises:
Egg and a glass of fresh juice.

I sip on:
Lemon juice or coconut water.

For lunch I have:
Dal, roti, sabzi. Dal is a must. My favourite is wholegrain dal.
When I eat food from home, I feel lighter so I carry lunch. My dabba usually contains roti, salad and dahi.

I feel hungry after:
Every two hours. While shooting for Yashraj, I had chilly cheese toast from the canteen cafeteria. They have nice sandwiches, brownies and ice cream.

I have my dinner:
At home and by 9 pm.

I don't have:
A sweet tooth. I don't even like chocolates.

The last thing I have before going to sleep:
Is a glass of milk.

I work out:
Four times a week. I have a personal trainer.

Coffee :
Does'nt Go down well with me.

My comfort food:

When I went to school:
My mom, Aashima made something different and new for me everyday.

I always carry:
Protein bars.

My fridge always contains:

On Sundays:
My family usually does brunch. We have dosas and khichoni, a soup made from onions and tomatoes. It's an Uttaranchal special.

The best cook in my family:
My mother. She makes excellent momos.

I don't cook often but:
Whenever I do, I have been told I cook well. Recently, I made butter chicken.

Cooking disasters:
I once made cake without baking soda. It turned out bad.

I like to pick up:
Cold cuts.

My parents are from:
Uttaranchal. I like Khichoni and Chaishu, two local dishes.

Favourite restaurants:
Samarpan and Café Piccolo, both in Bangalore. In Bombay, I like Royal China.

My favourite cuisines are:
Indian, Chinese and Thai.

In Amritsar:
I didn't get a chance to eat langar but I had tandoori chicken.

My favourite spice:
Garlic and green chilly.

My favourite kitchen appliance:

My favourite beverage:
Coconut water.

In fruits:
I don't like much besides apples and bananas.

The food on the sets of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi:
Was very good. Shah Rukh Khan brought food from home. I ate in my van as I eat every two hours.

My idea of a romantic meal:
Is fish with vegetables on the side. It's important to have good food and conversation.

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