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Health Freak Ayesha Kapoor Keeps the Calories at Bay By Horse Riding

No kiddie meal: The sikandar star kid is a health freak

I am A non-vegetarian but:
I like vegetarian food too.

I begin my day with
A very healthy meal — brown bread with honey and butter, a glass of fresh orange juice. I also have some fresh fruits. My favourite fruits are mangoes, apples and grapes.

After breakfast
I go to school in Auroville, Pondicherry. When I am at school, I have the food provided by school. We have a salad, vegetables, brown rice or ragi and curd. There's no fried food.

On the sets of Sikandar in Kashmir
I ate unit food. We ate fresh fruits and food that wasn't very oily. Overall, it was a healthy diet. I had Kashmiri food, we tried Kahva (local tea) too.

Throughout the day
I sip water. I make sure I have lots of it because it cleanses your system.
I always carry Granola bars.

I like to binge on
Cookies or apples in the evening after school. Later, I go for sports so I eat to keep myself going.

My dinner is
Generally salad or brown bread. I like Indian food as well but my mom is German so I eat Indian food when I am travelling.

In Indian food I like
Dal, rice and naan… the simple stuff. I also like raan, it's really delicious.

In sweets I like
Ice cream and cakes. My grandmother is really good at baking cakes.

My fitness regime
I take horse riding very seriously, I ride everyday. Before that I learnt salsa.

In my fridge
You will always find orange juice, milk, fruits, yogurt, cheese, olives and chocolates.

The last thing I have before sleeping
A chocolate after dinner. My favourite is Lady Godiva.

Sunday lunch
We have a tradition. Every Sunday morning my dad, my brother and I have to cook pancakes and French toast. It's very important that all of us have to be there.

My favourite cook
If I say my mom then my dad will get offended and if I say my dad then my mom will get offended. I'll just say my mom, Jacqueline, she cooks all the time. She makes lovely Potato Goat Cheese Gratin.

I cook
Pasta, rice, vegetables. I am not an expert at cooking. I can make scones and flip a pancake.

My best dining friends
My school friends and of course my family.

My comfort food
Soup and yogurt.

I can't resist buying
Kinder chocolate, probably some Japanese sweet because I really like Japanese food.

I feel guilty about
eating Chocolates or chips.

My favourite...

Cuisine: Indian and Japanese. I love fusion food.

Spice: Chilli.

Kitchen appliance: Frying pan.

Beverage: Orange juice.

Vegetables: Cucumbers, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Dishes from my hometown:
Auroville is an international community. My friends include Italians and Koreans. Sometimes I dine at their homes and eat their cuisine.

Favourte Restaurant
Chef Paul Bocuse's restaurants

Ayesha says, "My parents own hotels in India. I love the food at a promenade. I also like Paul Bocuse in France, he makes very good food. In Italy, the little restaurants serve the best food."

Paul Bocuse is the 83-year-old French chef who is thought to be one of the finest of the 20th century. He is one of the few chefs responsible for nouvelle cuisine, which is less lavish than traditional haute cuisine and uses fresh ingredients.
Bocuse is said to have created the famous truffle soup for a presidential dinner and was also one of the chefs who prepared the meal for Concord's first flight.
Bocuse's piece de resistance is his luxury restaurant l'Auberge du Pont de Collonges near Lyon in France. He also runs a chain of brasseries (upscale restaurants with a relaxed setting) near Lyon.

Favourite recipe: Potato Cheese Gratin


½ kg potato
Olive oil
150 ml cream
1 egg
Goat cheese


Boil the potatoes with the skin on. While they're still hot cut them into round slices. Then you take an ovenproof dish; rub olive oil at the bottom of the dish.
On top of the potato sprinkle oregano, thyme (any Mediterranean herbs), some fresh garlic. Then put a layer of goat cheese. Repeat with rest of the potatoes.
Mix the cream with the egg. Pour this over the potatoes, top it off with a layer of breadcrumbs and put a little bit of butter or olive oil again. Add the herbs again and bake for 20-25 minutes. Serve with chicken or shrimp.

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