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Videos - Yoga Asanas To OverCome Infertility, and Attain Complete Fertility

Originating in India, Yoga is a centuries-old system of exercise and relaxation. More recently yoga has become increasingly popular for its ability to increase fertility amoung childless couples. Yoga can improve Your Chances of Conceiving, help prepare your body for a successful conception and pregnancy.

Yoga for Fertility can be practiced by women who are trying to conceive, either naturally or through assisted reproductive technology. Yoga for Fertility uses specific yoga postures and practices to stimulate and tone the reproductive system, enhance the flow of energy and circulation through the body, and balance hormone levels.

Yoga helps regulate the body’s hormone levels by improving endocrine (glandular) function. It is also well-recognized as a reducer of stress, anxiety and depression, all of which can accompany, and exacerbate, fertility challenges. In a recent Harvard-based study, women participating in a yoga and relaxation program nearly tripled their chances of achieving pregnancy.

Fertility Yoga can help you gain more confidence about yourself and your body in your journey towards parenthood. Various yoga asanas are recommended for fertility, for fostering reproduction and combating impotence and sterility.

Here is a compilation of Videos that demostrate different Yoga Postures to be performed to overcome infertility.

Project Baby - Brenda Strong, Yoga 4 Fertility - 10:27 sec

Yoga for Fertility with Brenda Strong - 6:12 sec

Yoga to overcome Infertility

Yoga For Fertility - 3.5 sec

Fully Fertile Yoga for Fertility --- 2:07 sec

Yoga to help fight Childlessness

Bend, Breathe, and Conceive Fertility Yoga with Anna Davis - 1:33 sec

Preconception Yoga with Dr. Monica Morell

Recommended DVD
Fertility Yoga with Monica Morell, PhD

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