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Aamir Khan Shares His Exercise Routine on His Blog, Starts Online Health Club

Aamir Khan has planned an online health club on his blog [] and facebook page [] where he would keep one and all updated about his health and fitness regimen while he answers questions about films and gives diet suggestions. Well it was regular facebook page but turned into "let's get fit" one thanks to Aamir's fans and his own need to get into shape.

This is what Aamir Khan Says:

First things first. Let me share with you what I learnt in the last few years in the process of building a physique, losing weight etc.

3 things are most important, and in that order:

1. A healthy and balanced diet.

2. Exercise.

3. Rest.

Actually exercise and rest are equally important, but the most important is a healthy and balanced diet.

1. A balanced and healthy diet.

The average person uses/spends around 1800 to 2000 calories per day. In order to lose weight you simply need to take in LESS than you spend. So consume less than 1800 calories in 24 hrs. But the ‘less’ calories you intake needs to be divided into fat, carbohydrates, and protein, and that’s where the word BALANCE comes in. A balanced diet is generally 1/3 fat, 1/3 Carbohydrates and 1/3 protein.

The best way to get a healthy and balanced diet for your self is to visit a qualified dietician. Not the dieticians who put you onto new fad diets, like high protein diets, low carb diets, blood group diets, don’t eat carbs at night diets, Atkins diet, Santa Barbara diets, ‘have this pill’ diet, ‘eat only ‘this’ one day and ‘that’ on another day’ diet, falana diet, dhamka diet etc.


You need to visit a QUALIFIED dietician who gives you the good old fashioned CALORIE COUNT DIET.

A good dietician will insist on a check up BEFORE prescribing you a diet. So blood and urine test is standard, but in certain cases a sonography and other tests could also be required depending on your health situation.

The purpose of this is that your doctor needs to check your health BEFORE he can prescribe a diet. That’s where the word HEALTHY comes in. In case you have other health issues like thyroid, diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol, high BP, or anything else, then a good doctor will, through the diet, address your health issues if any AND reduce your weight. In certain cases if you have major health issues weight loss could be a problem, but that is only in very few cases I would imagine.

Each person and his/her situation is unique so therefore you cannot just follow what I am following.

Importantly, eating less is not a healthy balanced diet.

When you simply eat less and starve yourself your body goes into what I call ‘famine mode’ and actually starts to STORE fat. So not only do you not lose weight but you also destroy your health. If you take starving to the extreme I suppose you would lose weight but you would probably begin by losing proteins (whereas you should be losing excess fat), and also you would end up looking (and in fact being) unwell and sick.

When I was following my diet I was eating every one hour AND LOSING WEIGHT. Eating frequent and correct small meals increases your metabolic rate and helps you to burn fat . eg during GHAJINI I was eating every HALF HOUR!!!

So step one - visit a qualified dietician in your locality. He/she will help you.

This entire process will take you at least a week, so I suggest you start fast. I would have a head start as I have done fresh tests and already have my diet.

The doctor I recommend in Bombay is Dr Dhurander in Santa Cruz. I will ask him for a web site which explains this in greater detail and maybe has a list of dieticians in diff parts of the country/world.

If you don’t follow an appropriate diet no matter how hard you workout you will not get the results you could/should be getting.

Water is a very important of my diet. I drink 3 to 4 liters of water a day.

What all this will cost?

My doctor charges Rs 1000/- for the first visit, and then Rs 500/- per month. And he changes your diet every one month.

2. Exercise.

This would depend on what you want to achieve.

For general fitness walking, jogging, swimming, or playing a sport, are all great exercise. So if you are not looking for anything particular then choose one.

Yoga is great too.

In case you are interested in body building, building muscle, shaping your body etc., then what worked for me is weight training.

And that is what I intend to restart.

For that, you need the right equipment and a good trainer.

So the easiest would be to join a gym and use one of the trainers there. If you cant afford that then do free hand. Pulls up, push ups, crunches etc.

One book I would strongly recommend to anyone who is training is ‘The Encyclopedia of Body Building’ by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That says it all, so I don’t need to add anything here.

3. Rest.

The importance of rest is often underestimated. No matter how hard you train, if you don’t rest your body, it will not respond as well.

During GHAJINI, as a rule, I slept for 8 hours (at least) every night. And I did ‘shavaasan’ immediately post my bath after the training. Look up ‘shavaasan’ on the net.

So !!!

Are we ready?!!!

Lets make a group who decides to live healthy. Anyone who wants to join can.

Each one of us is responsible for figuring out a diet for ourselves, a workout/sport/walking schedule, and a rest schedule.
You decide what is good for you. And stick to it. And every night on fb I post how I fared that day and in response you comment on my post. That way all the comments are tagged together to my post in one space, and so it will be easier for all of us to stay together on this one topic. If one of us is finding it tough the others can encourage.

I start Monday! - To all those who are skeptical or nervous or think they cant achieve a great healthy body, or simply think the road ahead is too daunting, I have only one thing to say, “lets chase excellence success will follow”.

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