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One Exercise Routine To Release Out Toxins & Energise You Instantly is Pranayam: Amrita Rao

Being fit is the in thing these days. But one is left confused about its definition. Is the new age Size Zero the way to go or being curvaceous is the hottest trend? Amrita Rao, who has been into health and fitness as a way of life presses on the need to be healthy and revel in that as she says, "Good health is celebration in itself ". She goes on reveal her fitness fundas and who her fitness icon in Bollywood is

Says Amrita, "Fitness is about building this stamina, this basic strength in itself that gives you the energy and that impetus to go out there and win the world and feel good about yourself." Clearly she isn't someone who is talking about just getting a bikini body or stressing on the need to constantly count calories, instead she stresses on the kind of health that gives you an edge.

So what keeps Amrita so svelte and lovely all the time? Revealing her fitness routine she says, "My fitness routine is working out, we do some weight training which is an alternate day session. So thrice a week I do shoulders, biceps and triceps. Just to feel good about myself and just to tone my body." Well, surely it's about commitment and dedication to spend at least a part of the day working out your body, so it can feel energized and healthy. As far as her radiant self goes, Amrita says, "One exercise that can charge you up and energise you instantly is Pranayam. All the toxins of your body are released making you fresh and vibrant."

Not the one to think twice before eating, Amrita is surely someone who is born with the perfect body but a lot of work goes into maintaining it. Says Amrita, "I don't count calories. I am a rice eater, so, just with a little bit of exercise I am good. I don't think twice before eating."

As far as the hottest body in the industry goes, Amrita is surely voting for John Abraham whom she considers as a fitness icon. So, what made her choose John? Replies Amrita, "When I saw John in Dostana, I saw a whole new John Abraham compared to what he was earlier. So, fit and a glowing complexion. He has really inspired me as a fitness icon.

Well, for a lot of women out there, it's you Amrita who's got the body to die for.

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