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Dance, Swim and Jog for Mental and Physical Well-Being: Dipannita Sharma

Fitness is about looking good, but more importantly it’s about feeling good. “Fitness means mental and physical well-being. Fitness is about looking good, but more importantly it’s about feeling good! It also means glowing skin and feeling good from within. Beauty is something that speaks of good health and an inner radiance that shines through.

Dancing her way to fitness

I am blessed with a slim figure and weight has never been an issue. I am not the kind who is fond of exercising in gym. I feel fitness has to be a pleasurable experience. For three months at a stretch, every year, I workout at a gym regularly. I am fond of dancing and I believe that’s best of form exercise. Currently, I am learning Latin ballroom dance, earlier I attended Latin Bhangra classes. Dancing works your muscles and you lose inches.

I have also learnt Tai chi and I practice it at home. It not only relieves stress, but also creates an inner peace. When you are at peace with yourself, you are in touch with yourself and then can lead life to the fullest .The basic objective of tai chi is to increase awareness of energy in the body. It is the mother of all martial arts and believes not only in self-defence but in the cultivation of energy and peace of mind.

Combine Swimming with Evening Jogs

Whenever I feel a little overweight the best thing to do is hit the swimming pool. I find gym workouts too mechanical. Swimming not only provides a full body workout but it also has a therapeutic effect on me. I try to combine that with evening jogs and a little care in terms of diet.There are times when I omit fried or sweets entirely from my diet. For all those who want to look gorgeous and fit stay away from desserts at least a month. Team that with a jog and swim and you're sure to look great.


I am a non-vegetarian, I believe in eating everything in moderation. I start my day with a glass of water. I drink lots of water through out the day, as water is very essential for the skin regeneration. Then I have tea a cup of tea. Breakfast is toast, egg and sometimes pan cake. I have two proper meals in a day. I cut down calories of one meal and gorge on the other. I am a rice eater and for lunch I eat rice, dal, fish curry or chicken. In the evenings, I have rotis and chicken or dal. I avoid red meat. I love fried food but I consciously avoid it. I eat sweets once in while.


I love music and it’s my favorite way to beat stress. Also, I am fond of reading and watching movies. After marriage, my hubby and I enjoy traveling to exotic places, which is great fun and a perfect way to unwind.


For me, spirituality is about taking out time for myself and focusing all my thoughts into one particular thing. I make sure I get at least 15 to 20 minutes of that 'me time' everyday. I prefer to analyse my actions and know myself better. I am not into rituals at all, though I do pray daily. When I go to Assam, my home, I do visit temple of Khamakhya Devi as I find lot of peace there.”

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