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Ready, Steady... DIET !!! - A Few Celeb Ladies Talk About Their Diet Tips

A few celeb ladies talk about their diet tips!

Pooja Bedi: Eat EVERYTHING! And then... work out, work out, work out!

Nicolette Bird: There’s gonna be loads of sweets, so go for it in limited amounts and make sure you’re on a treadmill the next day taking it all out!

Lubna Adams: Lots of watermelon juice through the day. Avoid fried stuff and down lots of water with khus or jal jeera.

Anju Taraporewala: Who diets with all the yummy goodies everywhere?? My only advice would be to enjoy everything... in moderation.

Queenie Dhody: Kalakand and gulab jamun! Haha!

Rashmi Uday Singh: Every day is Diwali for me. I have found that instead of dieting, if I drink lots of vegetable juices it really helps. Also I turn vegetarian for a couple of weeks. It’s a great way to detox.

Sharmila Khanna: The best would be to avoid carbs and desserts and do a lot of yoga and walking. But I’d be a lot thinner if I could avoid desserts!

Priya Kishore: I have a secret theory, that you can lose weight by sleeping!

Jesse Randhawa: Punjabi parathas with makkhan for breakfast and skimmed milk for dinner!

Bhavna Pandey: I’m the worst person to take tips from but the best is to enjoy and eat sweets in moderation; and then work your butt off the next day!

Gayatri Joshi: Don’t drink too much, have light dinners, resist the mithais and go on a detox diet post heavy meals.

Raageshwari Loomba: For the coming season, I’m ‘dieting’; and by that I mean I will ‘die eating’!

Deanne Pandey: Be careful about what you eat. Nowadays a lot of sweets are made that are low-cal and low-fat. People with a sweet tooth should be just a little wary and not use this season as an excuse to gorge unhealthily. Mithais can be made with sweeteners and skimmed milk and these are just as yummy!

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