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Soha Ali Khan: Workout Regularly So You Can Eat All The Brownies You Want

Soha Ali Khan’s Fitness Recipe: "LOOK after your fitness and your fitness will look after you or workout regularly so you can eat all the brownies you want!” This is Soha Ali Khan’s mantra in life.

Soha Ali Khan shares her fitness mantra:

Pleasing self
Actually, in reality my workout pattern is very irregular ( smiles). There are phases when I go to the gym daily for weeks on end and workout with lightweights, alternating it with cardio three times a week. Or sometimes I like to keep it varied by playing badminton or practising yoga. But there are also times when I get into my pyjamas, put on a TV series and watch it for days on end, emerging only to make more popcorn or order a take- out.

Peculiar bites
I have notoriously bizarre eating habits. I have an unhealthy obsession with frozen yoghurt, too much diet cola and late night popcorn binges. But I compensate by avoiding excessively oily or spicy food. I am happy eating tandoori chicken, yellow daal and broccoli every day of the week.

Take my breath away
I strongly believe that every person’s fitness regime should include some technique that increases flexibility and stamina through focused breathing. Yoga helps you achieve the right balance. Such exercises make your muscles lean, tone your body, and tackle a specific organ issue or hormonal imbalance and relax the mind. And so, I alternate between yoga and gym workouts.

A must break
My idea of unwinding on a day- to- day basis is taking a hot shower and watching a film or getting stuck in a page- turning murder mystery. But when I’m feeling particularly sore or physically exhausted after a hectic schedule, I pamper myself with massages. And of course, getting away from Mumbai every once in a while is also imperative. I love to go to a beach resort — relax by the sea, have some great food, swim, lie in the sun; great company is a must!

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