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Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha‎ By Rujuta Divekar (Kareena's Dietician)

Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha is penned by Rujuta Diwekar. The author is Kareena Kapoor's dietician.

Kareena Kapoor Says “For a long time, I used to think that diets were all about starving and punishing yourself. And I wasn’t alone… Then I met Rujuta. She totally changed my perception about diets and dieting. First, she told me it wasn’t about starving but about eating well, eating right and eating regularly. I said, ‘I’m a Kapoor, I love my parathas, paneer, cheese.’ Rujuta replied, ‘You can go right ahead and eat all of that and more.’ I was like, cool, when can we start?”
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Kareena Kapoor talks about 'Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha'‎ at the book launch.

The book will deal with on issues like food and everything, related to a woman’s health starting from puberty to marriage to pregnancy and then menopause. Bebo has been part of the entire process of bringing the book in front of the readers

Bebo has earlier launched Rujuta’s book titled ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight’ (Details Here >>). For the latest 'Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha‎', Kareena has also given her voice for the narration of the complementary audio-book, which will be offered with the main book.

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