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Amit Tandon Does More Cardio to To Combat Tendency to Bulk Up

‘I have a natural tendency to bulk up’


I work out religiously through the week. I do a lot of weight training. I work out for a maximum of two hours in the gym, out of which I spend one hour on the treadmill. I focus on a different body part each day, like legs, shoulders, chest and so on. Twice a week, I practise martial arts and American boxing.


I have a tendency to bulk up a lot. My trainer has advised me to do more cardio to solve this issue. I also do spinning. Honestly, I do not like to look too bulky and want my body to look proportionately balanced. I tend to put on weight easily and so I want to lower my weight, which often fluctuates.


I have good will power, stamina, strength and I’m very competitive. If I see someone doing heavy weights in the gym, I try to out do that person by doing heavier weights and more repetitions.


I’m a Punjabi and that automatically makes me a big foodie. I’m a non-vegetarian and eat a lot of chicken and egg whites. I have protein shakes twice a day. I have a major sweet tooth. As a kid, I used to eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Even now, I need to have at least one sandwich a day. That’s the only thing that makes me cheat on my diet.

Fitness role model:

Salman Khan because he has a well-balanced physique and has maintained it for years.

Ideal celeb body (male):
Hugh Jackman’s body in Wolverine and Gerard Butler’s body in 300.

Ideal celeb body (female):
Kim Kardashian

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