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I am Into Yoga & I Play Squash Says Kulraj Randhawa

Kulraj Randhawa made her presence felt when she starred opposite the Deol family in the comedy ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’. she made the audience noticed her dimpled smile and now, she seems to be enjoying every bit of her new found stardom. Here she talks about her Diet and fitness along with few of her favorite things.

Diet mantra

I am blessed with a lean body so I don’t do much. If I put on weight, then I usually lose it easily.

Favourite food

I love food. I am a Punjabi so I love good Punjabi food. I also like Thai cuisine.

Fitness regime

I am into yoga and I’m a very active person otherwise. I play squash. But since I am part of the industry, I have started weight training recently.

Free time and weekends

Weekends are mostly party time. I hang out with friends and also attend events.

Style statement

Fashion is what looks good on your body. Depending on the occasion and time, I wear dresses, gowns, denims, shorts and jumpers.

Favourite vacation spots

Leh and Ladhak. And I want to go to Kerela.

Favourite books

I read a lot of fictional war books.

Favourite movies

I am in the industry so I have to watch films. I love different kind of movies like ‘ThreeMuske teers’, ‘Life Is Beautiful’, Sholay , ‘Black’ and the Munnabhai series.

Favourite music

I mostly listen to classics. Favourite automobile - If I have to name one, it would be Jaguar. As told to Sonal Sher

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