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Simple Tips to Control Body Odour and Keep it at Bay

BODY odour can be the most embarrassing malady of the season. Below are a couple of simple tips to keep it at bay:

  • Drinking plenty of water and fresh vegetable juices can reduce sweating and hydrate the body.

  • If you are prone to body odour, a shower twice a day should help.
    What is important is that you bathe after working out, exercising or coming home from a sweaty day. Also, make sure you wash your sweaty clothes regularly.

  • The underarms tend to accumulate more sweat so make sure you shave or wax regularly. The same goes for the genital region that tends to produce more sweat.

  • Smelly feet can drive anyone up the wall. So change socks daily. Fabrics like cotton and linen are better at soaking in sweat than other fabrics.

  • Deodorants do help to mask body odour, but because they cause the skin pores to clog, you can’t be using a deo every three hours. Wash yourself at regular intervals. You can even keep wet wipes handy.

  • Adding lots of fibre to your body helps clear the trash away. So include as many raw veggies, unpeeled fruits and vegetables, unpolished rice, whole grains and salads in your diet. The more toxins get flushed out of your body, the lesser smells there'll be left for others to have to put up with!

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