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See Health and Fitness as a Necessity, Not as a Chore Says Model Sahil Shroff

Models don’t have a choice but to look good. So it’s no wonder then that Sahil Shroff takes his fitness very seriously. He shares his workout plan

Working it out

My fitness regime these days is a balance off all kinds of energy systems being tilised in a week along with flexibility and strength training. With regards to cardio, I run once or twice a week and cover 12 kms in each run. I have at least one session of Taekwondo in a week, along with basketball or tennis to fill in the third and fourth day of cardio. I have an alternate day regime for cardio. I don't do body building or weight training anymore, I work a lot on core strength and use my body weight for my exercises. I hit every muscle in different angles using my body weight through push ups, pull ups, lower body exercise and intense band work. I also spend my mornings doing basic yoga breathing exercises and meditation. I keep changing my regime so I don't get bored.

Food for thought

My diet is very balanced. I don't take protein powders as I have a high protein diet. Oats and dry fruits in the morning, fruits in between main meals, lunch has fish and two vegetables with seven grain two rotis along with raw salad. At night, I have two rotis with one vegetable and a high protein dal n a piece of fish maybe. A lot of spinach, eggs, almonds, moong and fish complete my diet plan. I stopped chicken and meat a year ago. Oh yes, I can’t miss my daily cup of coffee and tea.


For starters, you shouldn’t see health and fitness as a chore, but as a necessity. It will make a difference in your overall health. You should do something that you enjoy doing that will also help you stay fit. Maybe, you could go back to a sport you played in school. Keep your workouts simple and goal oriented. Don't believe what you hear unless you’ve tried it out. The motivation statement is ‘go hard or go home’ (laughs).

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