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Health Tips On How To Control Cholesterol Levels in the Body

Eating right

HIGH cholesterol levels are a matter of concern amongst most of us today. Irregular, callous food habits and lack of exercise are the two main reasons for this sort of an imbalance. Here is what you could do to monitor your cholesterol levels:

  • Eat lots of garlic. Add it to your dals, soups, pastas, vegetables and curries. The thing to remember is that you must crush the garlic right before you're going to use it. Garlic is said to help with high cholesterol by lowering the amount of lowdensity lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the 'bad cholesterol) as well as increasing the amount of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the 'good' cholesterol).

  • It's a good idea to increase your intake of soy foods. Enjoy more tofu, green soybeans, dried soybeans, and soya nuggets. Soy is extremely low on cholesterol and rich in protein. Tofu contains Omega 3 fatty acids that lower LDL (bad) cholesterol without lowering HDL (good) cholesterol. This shortens the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Add beans to your diet three to five times a week. Try lentil soup, black beans and rice, kabuli chole, hummus and rajma beans. You can boil a handful of rajma beans and toss them into a salad.

  • Include a serving of fiber-rich fruit or vegetables at every meal and snack. Remember sprouts. They are low cholesterol and high in protein value.

  • Substitute olive oil or canola oil for butter, margarine and other refined oils in your cooking. Coconut oil is very rich in cholesterol, so it would be best to avoid it.
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