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How to Maintain Hair During the Monsoon Season


The monsoon season is not too kind on your hair and can lead to hair loss and other problems.

How does it feel to have a bad hair day every day? It feels terrible! But that is what monsoon is about — if you do not take regular care, you end up with bad hair problems. Experts say that hair fall increases during the monsoons but you don’t need to panic because it is a temporary phase and stressing about it may just aggravate the problem.


If you want to get lustrous hair, wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo, advises asthetician Ritu Tanwar. “Your hair and scalp should be kept clean. So, washing frequently with a gentle shampoo can get rid of oily and limp hair,” says Tanwar.


Dr Sadhana Deshmukh cautions, “Avoid getting your hair wet in the rains and never tie wet hair. Dry it immediately, especially if you have long hair, otherwise the roots of your hair may rot and produce a bad smell. Suspended particles in the air can settle on your scalp and make it itchy and lead to hair problems.”


She advises people to cover their hair when going out in the rains. A trendy umbrella or a stylish raincoat can not only protect your hair, but also make a style statement.

Aesthetic dermatologist Dr Nishita Sheth adds, “Rainwater weakens the shaft bonds, which in turn makes your hair dull and limp.” She says it is important to avoid using too many hair products.

Dr Sheth suggests, “If you want to, invest in good quality products and use an anti-humidity hair gel to groom stubborn hair. Oil your hair every week and go easy on hair dryers and chemical treatments.”


Hair expert Jawed Habib says that since monsoon is a bad time for hair and leads to all kinds of hair problems, the right length of hair can help ease some of it. Habib suggests, “You need to keep your hair short because that makes it easier to dry and take care of. Short hairstyles look good and are easily manageable.”


Perry Patel cautions against using hair styling products too often. “Using minimal hair products is ideal,” he says. Dr Sheth agrees. “Use a mild shampoo and a gentle conditioner. Apply conditioner on the hair shaft instead of the hair root. Keep your scalp clean and go for a hair style that is easy to manage,” she says.

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