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Shama Sikandar Talks About Her Style Statement

AFTER a successful stint on TV, Shama Sikandar is now trying her hand at fashion. Here She talks about her style statement:

Fashion for me

Fashion is something that is constantly evolving and has the capability to transform a person. It can enhance a person’s look and make an overall difference to his persona.

My style statement

I love comfortable clothes that have little less bling and embroidery. Great fabrics and cuts are more my style. I think it's important to be comfortable in what you wear as that increases your sex appeal.

Beauty is all about confidence.


My simply love earrings. I will never have enough of them even if my whole house is filled with them. After earrings, it has to be bracelets. I have a weakness for small delicate earrings.

Colour of the season

According to me, red and purple are the two colours to watch out for this upcoming festive season. They are vibrant shades and have a happy feel about them.

Prized possession

I am very possessive about my Versace gown. It's red outfit with a cowl neck and drapes. I bought it in the USA and would never want to part from it.

Fashion faux

I think when you wear something that simply doesn’t suit you, you are in for a disaster.

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